Monday, 18 June 2018

What is QR code and How QR code Works | Difference of Bar Code and QR code | Mechanism of QR code

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You have seen in many places Barcode or QR code is used. And after seeing this, You have been wandering that what is QR code and How it work. We will tell you how it works. You have seen in many place barcode is used, Lets say when you go for shopping, and pay bill the boy in the counter scan the black lines that is called barcode, In that code all the information regarding the product is stored. And QR code is in square shape, dot dot pattern and you can easily see  while booking tickets, online website, visiting card, online payments and while doing much more payments. If you want information you can use QR code. QR code full form is QUICK RESPONSE CODE.

A QR code appears to be a two dimensional matrix barcode, comprising of square dots arranged in a square grid, against a white background. Essentially, the working of QR code is that that square dots aligned on the square grid are read or scanned by an imaging device, It extract the data embedded in the  horizontal and vertical elements of an image and present it to the user.

QR code is in use for a wide variety of purposes such as encoding text, music, images, software, contacts, etc. The QR code has taken the smart phone market by storm. As nearly  every phone incorporates a QR code scanner and generator.

The QR code first came into existence in the year 1994, when it was devised by Denso Wave a subsidiary of the japanese car maker , toyota. It was primarily invented for scanning spare parts of automobiles, in order to track them by collecting and storing data associated with the task.

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