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Padmavati(Padmavat) movie review

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After watching Padmavat, Rajesh Joshi is reviewing the film.

In the film Padmavat, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's cinema's grandeur and flashes are present:

Thousands of cavalry soldiers falling on each other for the Negev and the shield-sword,

The artillery pulling elephant that fires fire in the dark battlefield of dust,

The threat of the battlefields echoed in the sky,

Settled Rajput and Sultanate Earning the Richest of Lots of Rupees in Crores,

And amazingly reliable music!

Seeing the preview of this film made for a few people in a Delhi theater, it was seen wearing three-D glasses as if you were a part and parcel of story incidents like an invisible character.

This is the style and technique of cinema of Bhansali. But if you want to understand the politics of Padmav, then you will see food scenes in it. These days, heroes and villains are being set up in India by eating habits.

Before breaking down on one side of the film in the dastardown, Alauddin Khilji sniffing like a hungry animal; On the other hand, sitting on the other side as calmly as a seeker, Padmavati, a fan, to his gentle but harsh husband, who is eating Satvik food,

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Where did Padmavati come from?

'Standing out of Padmavati to tell Khilji's girlfriend'

On one hand, chewing chickpea roasted roasted big animals, cruel and chaotic Muslim invaders who have been deceitful on the back of their enemies, on the other hand, the Hindu Rajput king who dies die for his honor and commitment. Ratan Singh.

In the way the stereotyping of Muslims in the last three four years, Sanjay Leela Bhansali used the same stereotyping in his film.

They have shown Rajputs as the staunch heroes of the word and the Muslim invaders like the arrogant and the villainous villains. But these claims were reversed and Rajput himself was threatening to stop the film on the violence.

In which period Mohammed Akhlaq, Ashqul Khan and Junaid etc. were beaten to death due to being a Muslim, when the common Muslims were asked to clean Kashmiri, Pakistan, terrorism issues repeatedly, beard with a clean mustache The people are seen to be seen with suspicion, in which the film tells the story of the clash of Rajputs with the Khilji like demon.

In the scene before the film, wearing a heavy black turban, wearing a thick antama in the eyes, a huge face of Jalaluddin Khilji looks like an executioner chewing meat, appears on the screen.

In one corner of the hall, a whole big animal is rotated round the fire and roasted round it. There is a turban around Jalaluddin Khilji, with a mustache and a Muslim with bearded ten-twelve and court attendants. These Afghan robbers are celebrating their fate at Delhi.

In this way, a young man full of pride has tied the ostrich with big chains like a dog and brought it there. This is Jalaluddin Khilji's nephew Alauddin Khilji. His cousin had asked for an ostrich's wings from him, but he brought the whole ostrich so that his uncle could ask for his cousin's sister's hand in Jalaluddin. Because he wants to make every unsuitable thing his own.

Cartoon: Padmavati, Padman and Confucian

Attitude: Padmavati truth or fantasy?

The Padmavati princess of Sinhala Island (Sri Lanka) is such a beautiful beauty, that her father's guests fall in love with King Ratan Singh of Mewar and marry him. These Buddhist girls, who chant the cycle of 'Oon Mani Padme Hum', turn into such a Rajputani, which starts to tell the sword a bracelet of sarranta, and in the fire with hundreds of kshatriyas alive to perform the jawar at the end of the film. Jumps up.

In the center of the story, there is a loyal King Ratan Singh who is the king who gives Padmavati out of the country. This guru tells Alauddin Khilji about Padmavati's Husn.

To achieve Padmavati, Allauddin's forces put a circle around Chittorgarh. Allauddin Khilji arrives inside the fort on the pretext of surrender and tries to take a glimpse of Padmavati. On failure, Raja calls Rattan Singh as a guest in his house.

Film with 3D Technology

Now begins the iron collision phase with iron. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is known for his films, has also removed this magnificence in the battlefield.

3D technique is amazing that you stand yourself on the battlefield.

Thunderbolt goes along with the collision of the Rakhirs and the Swords; The story of Rajputi on-Ban-Shan - Rajput can cut his head but can not bow.

Rajput is ready to put everything on his own to fulfill his promise.

Once Rajput makes someone a guest, then he does not have a sword on it.

Rajput does not compromise despite falling into his enemy's captivity.

Rajput rookie does not cheat with the enemy.

Asrutan does not hesitate to take off the bracelet and lift the sword to protect her style and religion.

Instead of falling into the hands of a godless person, the sarunaa considers it proper to take jawar and consume it.
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